Fully Accredited Level Up Masterclass For Already Qualified Eyelash Technicians (1-1)


Price - £450 INCLUDING A KIT WORTH £100.


If you would like to book without a kit this course is priced at £350.


This masterclass is aimed at fully qualified Eyelash Technicians looking to upskill their work and level up their lash game! Invest in your skills now for your future self!


We ask for either a Classic Lash Qualification and/or Russian Lash Qualification for this course.


This course is only 1 student per course to ensure it is fully catered to your every need! The Eyelash Extension industry is changing daily and keeping up with trends and techniques can be crucial for your booming business. In this course we will cover many different lash maps, different products, test out many tweezer styles and more…


You will then complete a live model under my supervision with a lash map of your choice. We will cover picture taking, picture editing and app recommendations that can help boost your business!


You will have the option to recieve a kit or not, if you do choose to receive a kit please see below:




2x Lash trays of your choice

2 x Tweezers of your choice

1x Mannequin Head

1x Lash Sealant

Let op: Het aangegeven bedrag is een aanbetaling. Totale bedrag is €450.

Dit is een training voor de reeds ervaren Wimperstylisten. Je dient in het bezit te zijn van een certificaat om deel te kunnen nemen aan de Masterclass.

Jij bent al gecertificeerd wimperstylist, hebt passie voor je vak, en voelt je nog onzeker of je wil je skills verbeteren? 

Volg dan de Masterclass. Bij deze training leer je niet alleen je werk te perfectioneren, maar ook gevorderde technieken toe te passen.

    € 150,00Price